What are vibration-powered generators?

It generates electricity by converting vibrational energy from the mass pedestrians or cars that move over it.
It collects the vibration energy efficiently to improve the power generation efficiency.
“Vibration-powered generators” are floor based power generation units that produce electricity from the vibrational energy which pedestrians and vehicles give to the floor.

Lighting up high-intensity LED instantly

【 Amount of power generated 】
・Approx. 2mW
・ 0.1 to 0.3W (instantaneous maximum value per 1ms under the following conditions*)

* An average power generated when a person with approx. 60kg weight takes two steps per second.

The mechanism of power generation

The electric power is generated by distortion of “piezoelectric element” installed in the power generation unit.

Information provision system using vibration-powered generators

How to use the service at Tokyo Big Sight

By stepping onto the mat installed at Tokyo Big Sight, information of the “renewable energy visualization model program” can be sent to your LINE account.

STEP1  Scan the QR code shown below and add as a LINE friend.

< Settings >
① Smartphones > Bluetooth ON
② Smartphones > location information ON
③ LINE app >
  ”Settings” >> “Privacy management” >> “Provision of information”
  >> “LINE Beacon” >>  use after agreeing to it
④ Only iOS
  ”LINE” smartphone setting >> “Bluetooth” ON

STEP2  Walk over the power generation mat.

STEP3  Information on renewable energy visualization model program will be sent to your LINE account.