What is solar panel pavement?

Solar panel pavement consists of layers of solar panels and luminescent glass light guide plates.
The electricity generated by the solar panels during the daytime charges an inner battery and the glass light guide plate can then be illuminated using that electricity during the night. As letters and illustrations can be printed on the glass, it is useful for guidance, security lighting, or other purposes.
The printed letters can still be seen during the daytime even without being illuminated.
The battery storage box can be used to display the current amount of power being generated and other information.

Design of solar panel pavement installed at Tokyo Big Sight

Features of solar panel pavement

  • The solar panel pavement charges during the daytime and illuminates the glass light guide plates using the electricity stored in the battery during the night.
  • Any surplus power can be used to power street lights or sprinkling equipment in planted zones or pavements.
  • As pavements can be illuminated from underneath, it is helpful in crime prevention and increases safety.

Structure of solar panel pavement

■ Specifications

External dimensions:1,337×724
Glass type:high-transmission glass t10 + t10
Nominal maximum output:100W
LED power consumption:DC24V15W

The glass used for solar panel pavement

The laminated glass is etched flooring glass that has been time-tested in the real world and has a special interlayer.

Usage examples of electric power from solar panel pavement

Road sprinkling systems
Street lighting
Portable battery charger
Lighting at bus stops

Remote monitoring of solar panel pavement

By implementing a remote monitoring system, you can check the amount of power generated by the solar panel pavement and other information.

Battery storage for solar panel pavement