Notes on this activity

This activity is implemented to lead it to the expansion of activity among commercial facilities by Tokyo actively, introducing the recyclable energy technology at the initial phase of popularization and “visualizing” the accomplishment.

In 2020FY, paving solar panels (paving solar panel to be installed on pavement surface) and vibration-powered generators (converts energy generated by vibration to electric power) are installed in Tokyo Big Sight to “visualize” the effect.

■ Amount of power generated
This image displays the amount of power being currently generated by the “paved solar panels” installed at Tokyo Big Sight on a minute by minute basis. The current value can be viewed by updating the browser.


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Two activities


Solar panel paving


Solar panel paving layers solar panels with glass light guide plates.
The surface is made of tempered glass with nonskid functionality and thus can be walked upon.
Solar panel paving allows the amount of electricity currently being generated to be viewed.


Vibration-powered generators

Power Generating Floor

Electrical power generation from vibrational energy resulting from people or vehicle movement being converted into electricity.
The vibration-powered generator installed at Tokyo Big Sight illuminates LED lights when stepped on and can send information to LINE accounts.

Installation locations


These two activities are being implemented at the entrances to Tokyo Big Sight. Solar panel paving has been installed in the outdoor entrance plaza. Two types of vibration-powered generator panels are being used in the indoor entrance hall.